Kazakstan: The Pain of Polygamy
"Almost each Kazakstani has either experienced it herself as a tokal or as a first wife or has relatives that did,” said Kazak-American film director Gaukhar Noortas..."

"This is a first social drama [in our market] that can, without a doubt, claim to be the best in this genre! [...] Although there is no happy end I highly recommend this picture."
- Sofi Bayesh

"This film openly and brutally showed the deceitful lives of two-faced people."
- Aigul Kokai

"Gia Noortas didn't just play her role, she lived it."
- Salima Duisekova

"I am so grateful to Gia Noortas for bringing this subject matter to everyone's attention. Everything about this film is impressive. From acting to music, to camera work. [...] I can understand why some react so aggressively. It's an effect of "the naked King's dress". Easier to scream "these are all lies" then to admit that sooner or later you'll have to pay high price for your betrayals."
- Elena Tryakina

Gia Noortas’s interview:
This social phenomenon unfortunately is not exclusive just to the Central Asian region. It's everywhere. It's just labeled differently. In our region people label women in their quest to create a certain "official" position for those women and call them "tokal". In the west, it's completely understood that there can be no official status what so ever and label men instead by calling them "married sugar daddies ". [...] People are afraid to stop and evaluate if they live a satisfying life where they are happy with themselves as human beings, as professionals, as parents. So, people keep entertaining themselves. No wonder entertainment industry is so huge. [...] Consumerism. I want more and more. Relationships develop horizontally and not vertically if you know what I mean. Lack of depth.

Long awaited feature film TOKAL - an age-old tale.
Everyone can find either themselves or someone they know in this story, and some will find a clue on what to do in this situation. This film doesn't try to teach you but for the first time honestly talks about real problem that swept away our nation.

"Filmmakers of this film openly talked about these painfully familiar problems. For some - the world had changed again. What doesn't change - are moral values. Looking at it on screen will teach you a lot - certainly a lot to think about."

"The most talked about drama of the year! Film raises questions and viewers have to find their answers."

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